Pitbulls and tough guys

First off ….where did those things come from? When I was a kid all I had to worry about were German Shepherds. Couple a bites and some screaming at it and they let go and ran off. Those pit bull things are into it for the long haul “death or serious maiming”. I you are a bad dude protecting your drug stash or a crappy fighter or what ever it might be I could see it. But as a family pet? When your loving pitbull unpredictably attacks your child and defaces him or her you have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life not mention the child being screwed up living with it for the rest of their lives as well.
Time and time again all you here is their dog had never done that before or they say its not the dog its the owners. Come on people we know this breed is an unpredictable time bomb waiting to see red and go off. If it were the owners don’t you think they would have their jaws clamped around the jugular or arm and not willing to let go? It’s those nasty dogs people!!
As a child of 8 years old I was attacked by a dog. First it latched into my chest and wouldn’t let go then after hitting it to the ground it grabbed my leg and also wouldn’t let go til I fought my way out and ran as fast away as I could. This non maiming incident has haunted me ever since.
It seams these dogs have more rights than the victims. What kind of world do we live in? Never mind the 3 strike crap or the muzzle and leash bull!! Really ? the dangerous dog offenders list??? They say its the owners and not the dogs. Do you really think a non respectful owner is going to muzzle and leash their dangerous offender every time for a piss outside?? I think not! It will be business as usual… look at me with my tough dog and I probably got 2 more strikes or they will just get another one.


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