Free ride bums and homeless

Well the nice weather is here and just like the seasons come and go we will be expecting to see the usual free loaders on the corners with their hands out looking for free money. I swear I have seen the same people with the same sign saying they are traveling and have run out of money, for the last 5 years. Poor planning if you ask me! And what about the hungry signs? They can’t be that hungry or when they leave “their spot” they would also take the food that was given to them also.
Oh their parents must be so proud of them!! Come on people think about it , their parents probably got fed up of their form of begging at home from the couch and threw them out. Or quite possibly they came from a family of homeless beggars and it’s like father like son? Can’t see that either. It’s like we have a bunch of fair weather young bums now. If only they had put their math skills what they had learn’t at school to good use. Standing at a street corner to get $1.50 an hour compared to 10 bucks an hour flipping burgers.
We used to be entertained with music and singing or what ever…now They expect money for nothing, they probably learned to do at home.
Reminds me of the one and only time I put money into hat and that was for the Dick and Dick show in Stanley park. They were good juggling chainsaws knives and anything they were very entertaining.
Life doesn’t revolve around money for nothing. That’s the big problem with young people nowadays. They don’t want to work and be handed everything for free. I like many others have had to work hard for everything I have with no free rides and no hand outs.
I think it’s the parents fault in a lot of ways for either not teaching their children the way life works and giving them too much for free.
I work too hard for my money not to just give it away. I think for the bleeding heart givers you are not helping their development. You probably are contributing to their drug problems and their way of low life. Don’t kid yourself as they probably all have cell phones too. I’m sure they were all taught the way of life at an early age if not from their parents, the TV should have shown them the facts of life from jobs, working,housing ,good bad etc.
And how about the ones with their dogs? I think you they want you to feel sorry for their dogs too! Doesn’t work for me either! Where are those animal activists and SPCA to take their dogs away because now the dogs have rights as well?


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