Our new crappers and saving our water

So after building our new house I was locked into buying one of those new fangled 6 liter toilets as all the old style 13 liters were not being made any more and I couldn’t find one anywhere….I was wondering for quite a while why every once in a while the news was telling us that the Americans were coming up here to purchase our 13 litres flushers. It all made sense with my first flush! Another big waste of the government stepping in to look good by saving  our water and banning the big flushers. I spend more time and water hoping not to see any floaters left behind! Come on people if you are going to reinvent something make sure it works 100% before we all waste our money. Obviously the one thing that hadn’t been changed or monkeyed with for the past 70-80 years didn’t seem to work for them.

I can’t be the only one here complaining about this. In saving the water I have wasted way more helping to save the water.


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