Shots and babies

There are a lot of naive people out there that are really missing the point as to why we all get them. First off it’s not a government conspiracy as taxes might be and it is solid known protection. It’s a fighting chance for the weak immune system in babies and children. Come on people there are some nasty diseases and sicknesses out there that have been stopped. I went to school with a couple of people that had Polio and one of my teachers had it as well. Nasty nasty nasty .
And now with the organic movement of the “pure food” They don’t even get to have those “bad” farming practices for some protection.
I think it should be law for injection. What about your babies rights? What about the rights of the unsuspecting babies and children that believe in the shots but haven’t had all of them because of the waiting for the progression of time.
Bunch of selfish godly mothers!! You have probably had your shots as a child because your parents believed in what was best for your well being!! Shame on you! I think if your child develops one of those sicknesses you should be held accountable with jail time depending on the severity!!
Speaking of jail time. In Alberta… 4 months and 3 months house arrest for killing your child from treatable meningitis. What a farce that was. I thought when you killed someone you got 10-20 years. Well on the bright side of things at leased that little boy didn’t have to suffer and die from a nasty disease because his parents also don’t believe in shots too!!!


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