The new world of expression

I know this new world of expression has probably been said before but here is my version of what I see going on…I don’t think I am very political but what I see going on really scares me. It seems we live in a world of the me me me factor and now with the cell phones and youtube and so on, everyone wants to be recognized heard or seen and if not any of these they want to make a statement at all costs.

I can see it in the way people are voting nowadays. People are getting fed up with the way things are running so they are going off the path for “the better way”. Here in Canada with our latest federal election Trudeau got in because he was young, with fresh idea’s, willing to talk and listen to people and the marijuana thing. Obviously striking a chord with the younger generation.

The next thing we saw was this Brexit fiasco unfold in Britain. With the very next morning the Brits googling “what happens next” typical of that younger generation looking up to Google for answers.

Next you will probably see Trump getting elected down south! Mark my words.

Then you will see a big drug lord getting in in Mexico.

Reminds me of some lyrics to a classic song “we got a genuine indian guru teachin us a better way”

I have to agree things have to change. But not overnight.


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