GPS and car gadgets

So we live in this world of apps and gadgets now so it must be making life easier for the masses. To most children nowadays a car ride probably means watching a movie or cartoon in the car with that great technology we have. So really when you think about it the ones really benefiting from GPS will be the kids that watched the car TV every trip and have no clue as to were or how they got to where they are now. When we were kids we knew how we got there from watching the sites out the windows and how our surroundings were changing with little built in maps in our heads for future use. Another way of looking at it is …soothers for hushing your kid then the next soother is a piece of technology being a cell phone or tab etc…No wonder they all are getting a GPS. Soon no one will know how to get anywhere.

Great invention for a delivery person for the all those people that shop on line.

To me just another distraction waiting for an accident to happen. The governments everywhere are introducing new laws for distracted driving. We have it here now and it’s just not working!! I see many of them still yacking on their phones  still and fiddling with their technology on the dash.

I am afraid sometimes to get in the car because I don’t want to be statistic to someones poor judgment and careless driving from some idiot that might be discussing what to make for supper that night or do you like the color of my new dress or what ever crap they think is more important than paying attention to a 3000lb weapon they are supposed to be in control of.

Here is my solve…I see Chev offers the capability to not let the radio or stereo work unless your seatbelt is fastened. I think your vehicle shouldn’t start if your phone is on. Plain and simple . Those decals we put on our license plates every year could have a scramble chip embedded for example. I’m sure some tecki   out there can figure it out.

So while I’m on this distraction topic…I also think Drive Thru is also being misinterpreted. In the old days we had drive ins which meant they served you in your cars as you sat there eating while stationary. I guess their restaurants had too many broken glass and missing trays etc. So they came out with a concept of they serve you in a bag at the side of their building and you go park and eat in their lot or take it home. People think they have the right to chow down a big mac and fries while on the road. This is probably the first form of distracted driving I can think of. Why do you think the older cars don’t have cup holders? Because driving used to be serious business people and should still be!!!

So new cars now come with GPS plus gadget hookups and cup holders etc. Whats next for your car dinner ware , recycle bins and foot massages???


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