Free Helicopter rides

The growing season is here again like every year and with it comes the wild life looking for their share of now habitual free lunches from our gardens or garbage. And again we will here these people saying stupid things like “we are building in their back yards”. So if a house was built 20 years ago and a bear lives for 10 years really… whose back yard is it anyways??? I thought we were the kings of the jungle.

Ever wonder why we have so many bears cougars and deer? I think the government has put too many rules and regulations into this equation!

These animals aren’t culling themselves because they have learn’t over the years that us humans have the good stuff. We never used to see or hear cougar too often because they were up in the mountains eating the deer. They are driven down here because their food is here eating our food. And now with this “global warming trend” there should be lots to eat up in the mountains.

This system of three strikes doesn’t work for me. They even use it for wildlife. Tagging an animal then two more strikes. And then to boot they get a free helicopter ride up and over back to the mountains. That’s not free . As a tax payer I pay for that! I think a bullet is way cheaper and we have and soon will be over run with this wildlife. The people living in the big cities should stop making these rules as they don’t live in the real world.

Last week on two separate occasions a bear destroyed 2 cars ripping them apart to get in  because the owners left food in them. The cars were right offs. That should be a wake up call to all those bleeding hearts that bears are very dangerous.

“Note” to all insurance scammers…why push that car over a cliff to get insurance money when all you have to do is leave a sandwich on the back seat!!



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