New cars… same crap

Ahh one of my favorite topics. So the other day I was in for my 3 rd oil change on my 2015 Nissan  Frontier and with nothing better to do while waiting thought I would see what the difference on a 2016 might be as a day before I had got a letter about the dealer pulling out all the stops. So after the usual car dealer song and dance crapola. The numbers finally came back to me with a price of $11000  + my truck and taxes. So of course I told them no and what I was willing to pay and the fact that it seems that their brand of vehicles don’t seem to hold their value very well with an offer like that! And it’s down right insulting! They didn’t like hearing that and basically told me they have to make money too with all this over head and paying the staff bla bla bla .

They obviously don’t know who they are dealing with. I work hard for my money and am only trying to protect my investment. I also believe in buying low and selling high same as them. All car dealers have this same motto.

I should also say this is my 3rd new Nissan Frontier and would expect more respect for what my loyalty might be worth.

And what the heck is this MSRP crap they seem to not budge off of with a fine print of “dealer may sell for less”. Just another ploy to get what they think they want. Of course they can sell for less! Look at every year when the new ones are coming in they all seem to advertise less than MSRP. Come on people , stop paying this “suggested” price.

We seem to live in this corporate world of these companies buying others and getting bigger and bigger and richer and richer and more mechanized ! You must realize all the things you buy are made from machines with next to no hand labor being paid . How expensive can a car made from a machine really be?? Raw material in one end and a new car being spit out every 10 seconds. These manufacturers make millions of cars and trucks!

So now I hear the same Nissan company here has 3 dealers on our island all within 200 kms of each other and the same “low baller” has the reins for all three. Let me correct that his title is “wholesale manager”.

So if I want another …there is always the mainland. Mind you I have been looking at other brands lately.

So in closing let me state they opened the door with a letter stating pulling out all the stops.


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