So as you can see my name is Karl. And after many years of having the W.W.W. since the beginning thought I might want to post a few things on my behalf since every one else has had their opinion .

I am somewhat of a redneck that has had a lot of thoughts and opinions locked up in my head for some time now so I thought I would share. The older I get the more things have been bothering me “crotchety” comes to mind.

I don’t have a cellphone , I don’t Facebook and birds tweet don’t they? And what ever this hashtag stuff is. I kinda like being anonymous . I don’t care what my classmates are doing.  When I was growing up you didn’t want to be a twit for that matter.

Once upon a time I had my forever job and was quite happy to be able to retire from it but the rug was pulled way too early by a certain liberal govt. Premier “president Campbell” So I had an attitude change at same time.

I am a proud Grandpa with 3 of the little darlings to hopefully push some of my red neck ways onto them.

One of my favorite sayings “you can pick your friends but not your relatives”

I also like good deals “start the car”