Off the grid ??

So what exactly does all that mean? My way of thinking would be that you have decided to get away from society and go about your life your own way. Chewing your trees down to build your houses fetching rain water in hollowed stumps and eating nuts and berries off the land all while being naked. Because lets face it it takes power and fuel to make everything.

I think too many people like the saying and are trying to adapt it to their lifestyles. Does this also mean that you make all the fancy potions and concoctions for different ailments too? There was a series of books once upon a time called foxfire.

I think the term “off the grid” should be called “hillbilly homesteading”. Because this is what people are confusing it with.

So lets see….in your life time you will spend probably 50-60 thousand for hydro and if you have kids count on more money. Then you go to the solar and wind power company who is only too happy to take your bucks then spend that much if not more for all your equipment including the batteries. Then every 10 years you need to replenish your useless worn out  batteries. Are you really saving? Or does it just sound good?

I think we have a lot of smart people out there that if they applied themselves to green power or off the grid they could do it. But unfortunately all those brains are being used for the plasma TV’s the cell phones and communications line of things. And all the tech giants in the world are just getting richer and richer.

As a society I really don’t think we will ever be “off the grid”


Water… our most precious resource

Ahh water the one thing we can’t live without and what most people take full advantage of by wasting most of their use or trying to make a buck with it.

I like many people out there was a heavy user like the rest showering every day , washing my car every other day and twice on Sundays , hosing my driveway down , washing my house etc etc. With not even a care as we live in the land of water with many rivers and lakes all over and  I paid for it on my utility bill every year like every one else living in the burbs. I never really had to think about it as I could just go to the tap and turn it on and be guaranteed fresh clean clear water to do what ever I wanted with it.

Things have changed now as I live just outside of city water limits and now its up to me to supply it. Eye opener to say the least. So after building my house next task was to dig a shallow well which I did and it worked very well for many years until about 2-3 years ago when we would on occasion run out. Last year we had to get a water truck in twice for 1000 gallons each time that would last 3 weeks each time. So after thinking all winter about our water situation we decide to bite the bullet and get the fancy water driller in as all the neighbors around here are about 100-200 feet down . So at $30 a foot you might think there is a guarantee of water and a good flow. But no not so. He went down 360 feet with a flow of 4 gals per minute. And it was the stinkiest blackest and saltiest water I ever did see. He said all this can be cleaned up to be perfect water but it depends on how much you want to spend on it. I figured about another $40-50 thousand . A desalination plant on top of all the other crap things? Thanks but no thanks!!! So unfortunately we paid him for his services and he went away.

I don’t like the feeling of being at the mercy of somebody else. Especially when they know that they have you where you can’t do any thing about it yourself. Reminds me of going to a few events in the middle of no where and it being very hot and someone selling the .25 cent Costco water bottles chilled for $5 each. I have always believed that if you want something done and done right you have to do it yourself because then you only have your self to blame if things don’t go right.

I am still trying to figure out all this water whoas as in the winter we have more water here than we know what to do with. The river rises and the property floods below us.

So we are no further ahead still. I do have an ace up my sleeve thou. I had one of those witch doctors come over and the ground spoke to him about 6 feet down and close to the house.

Responsibility of a parent

So here we still live in the world of Marriage and Divorce . What gives?? I would have thought that seeing what the past was like in the 60’s , 70’s , and 80’s that people might have figured it out. But not so! And the lawyers keep getting richer and the children keep getting screwed up and so on. I would have thought that if you were a kid with split parents that you would definitely not want this for your children as well.

Where is all this divorce stuff coming from? When you make that commitment to each other it means FOREVER! Not I love you til a better one comes along or what ever. When the dude up front reads all that meaningful stuff out of the book are you people not paying attention? The rings , the sealed with a kiss , the license and all those friends and relatives sitting behind you that came from far and wide probably don’t mean anything to you as well.

And then there is the kid factor. So you are happily married and now you want to have children. This is the biggest commitment of all people!! It is your responsibility as parent to raise your children as best as you BOTH can. When you have kids your fate is sealed !! By then you should be getting along lovingly and willing to share the love with your children. And teach them what your beliefs are , right from wrong and so on. This is what I believe in and also what you should strive for.

No wonder we have so many screwed up kids in the world these days with no morals , no coping skills , mentally unstable and way too carefree . I think there are way to many loop holes and divorce should not be one of them. If you want to believe in our old school rituals such as marriage then you should abide by them.

Till death do you part. Doesn’t that mean forever?

Pokemon and the gaming sensation

So here we have it the latest sensation to hit the masses and taking the world by storm!! Do we really need another distraction? Its bad enough that those with their cell phones now just can’t take their eyes off their technology and walking into poles and signs and cars.

I knew it would be just a matter of time until something like this latest craze would happen. I would call it reality video gaming. Why not … all we have is reality TV to watch and soon virtual reality head gear , google GPS glasses etc. And I think from here on it will get worse from my point of view. My guess is next you will have to buy a GPS hat with camera on board that sees 360 degrees to open the rest of the smart phone viewing so they  can see the world on their phones and never look up. This will open the door for all those games still in the closet from days gone by. Can you imagine the fun of running through the streets gathering coins then being chased by the goblins of Pac-Man ? Or going down the man holes of our sewer systems to gather diamonds and coins just like Mario and his side kick? I’d bring up Frogger but all those people that don’t use a cross walk already are play it!  Oh what fun…. NOT!!! What the heck is wrong with living in the real world??? And looking at life through your real eyes.

The museums and art gallery’s say they have never been so busy lately with all these people playing Pokemon. My guess would be that they haven’t taken in any of the sites to see. How can you see it all looking through their phones when you are on the hunt for a Pokemon?

And then there is the bad side of things to look at. Poke players have been robbed mugged and lured for sexual assault in its first week. How do we know that all this gun violence and cop shooting isn’t just an extension of the gaming mentality of a generation that has played video games on the couch all their lives and have no care for any of us. Already a crazed 18 year old lured a dozen teens into a MacDonalds through social media for a free lunch then started picking them off. Next we might hear about a suicide bomber taking out a crowd of Pokemon players or a crazed gunman taking out the Pokemon gathering.


Bank of Mom and Dad

I saw a news story on the TV last night that we were all supposed to feel sorry for the next generation of workers . They call themselves the “millennium generation” and some of them are reaching 30 years old and still living with Ma and Pa and still expecting the usual handouts.

First let me point out that what I see and have heard, you have had it pretty easy up until now with having no responsibilities to do anything because your parents were willing to do it and buy it all for you! From your designer clothes to your high tech gadgets and so on. I will never feel sorry for you and your expectations of what you think life and society owes you. Nobody owes you anything. Time to grow up kids! We all had it tough when we grew up! Life and things were expensive when the rest of us left the nest also.

And secondly your parents are to blame also. Your parents should have shown you the ethics of hard work and the ability of standing on your own 2 feet and life is not about hand outs and free rides. Then they should have shown you the door at 19 years old because by then you can vote , drink , make babies , have pride,  and are supposed to be an adult.

In many ways we had it way tougher than you spoiled little brats! We had to do it all without the help of mommy and daddy as they were making ends meet in their own ways. My first car cost me $800 and I was getting $2.25 per hour!!! Rent for a 2 bedroom apt cost me $225 per month when I was getting $3.00 per hour. Don’t tell us the world is too expensive for you in these times!

There is a big world out there kids. You all don’t have to live in the big cities close to your parents. You will find the cost of living away from the big cities will be cheaper for you in the long run.


Guns and USA

I like many of us have seen way too many tears on the TV lately about these Americans shooting each other. I don’t think their “constitutional right” is working out to well for them. It might have worked 200 + years ago when Joe blow wrote their declaration because it probably was the wild west out there and the people way out numbered the law back then. But this is now and as a society of educated and well mannered people I should think you don’t need a gun to protect you from the barbaric times of the past.

Looks to me like the wild west is coming back to the USA. All the protests and defiance and violence lately it’s no wonder they are killing themselves off. They can’t get along with each other whether blacks and whites and religion. They figure they can take the law into their own hands . Then you mix guns into this equation…

What the heck are they so afraid of that they have to pack guns? Next you will be hearing about the guy shot dead at the grocery store because he has the last loaf of seeded white bread and the fella with the gun wanted it more. Or your cigarette smoke was bothering me so I’m going to take you out. Most that pack guns probably don’t fly either because their constitution doesn’t work up in the air and what if they ran out of peanuts how would you settle the score up there?

How many more innocent school children and movie watchers and restaurant diners etc… have to die before they change their ways???

Here in Canada we let our cops carry guns and they seem to not be trigger happy. And it looks like we let our bad guys carry them as well but they seem to want to take each other out. And if you are a hunter and go through all the hoops you can carry a gun to the backwoods to get Bambi for 2 months out of the year. Looks like it works here and we don’t have anything written down that shows our rights.

So my advise to those gun toting Americans would be to give up your 200 year old wild west right until you can all get along and have respect for each other and the gun! Because if it gets any worse you should be thinking about armed guards in all class rooms movie theaters and fast food restaurants and so on….

Drugs and Death

News flash…Drugs are still illegal and deadly! I don’t think I am the only one that knows this or is saying it. But it seems every day on the news we have to here about all the overdoses or deaths. I really don’t want to hear about it anymore. We all were told and heard about it from a very young age . Didn’t we?? Why do we still have this problem? And it seems to be getting worse.

Is it monkey see monkey do or the one up man syndrome. From what I see on the news it is still all about the money and turf and not about you the unsuspecting druggie. I will never understand why people would want to put some unsuspecting concoction into their system and have a chance of dying. Fascinates me still! All just to see purple polka dot zebra’s dancing on clouds or walking in a marshmallow field of flying kittens or what ever the heck they are doing it for.

I especially feel sorry for the children of these reckless irresponsible parents who should know better and are obviously not caring enough for their responsibilities as a parent.(parents dead from drugs in North Van. earlier this year) Shame on you people! These drug people are lacing your drugs with Fentanyl these days. Looks to me like they are making even more money because it’s cheaper and really aren’t looking out for your safety and well being. I’m sure it will turn around soon enough when all their clients are dead or dying and their money won’t be coming in.

If you want to forget about your worries or become mister tough guy there is always booze for that and a slim chance of dying. As the government has legalized it for your enjoyment. I don’t get that either as booze will get you in the long term as well!!!