New cars… same crap

Ahh one of my favorite topics. So the other day I was in for my 3 rd oil change on my 2015 Nissan  Frontier and with nothing better to do while waiting thought I would see what the difference on a 2016 might be as a day before I had got a letter about the dealer pulling out all the stops. So after the usual car dealer song and dance crapola. The numbers finally came back to me with a price of $11000  + my truck and taxes. So of course I told them no and what I was willing to pay and the fact that it seems that their brand of vehicles don’t seem to hold their value very well with an offer like that! And it’s down right insulting! They didn’t like hearing that and basically told me they have to make money too with all this over head and paying the staff bla bla bla .

They obviously don’t know who they are dealing with. I work hard for my money and am only trying to protect my investment. I also believe in buying low and selling high same as them. All car dealers have this same motto.

I should also say this is my 3rd new Nissan Frontier and would expect more respect for what my loyalty might be worth.

And what the heck is this MSRP crap they seem to not budge off of with a fine print of “dealer may sell for less”. Just another ploy to get what they think they want. Of course they can sell for less! Look at every year when the new ones are coming in they all seem to advertise less than MSRP. Come on people , stop paying this “suggested” price.

We seem to live in this corporate world of these companies buying others and getting bigger and bigger and richer and richer and more mechanized ! You must realize all the things you buy are made from machines with next to no hand labor being paid . How expensive can a car made from a machine really be?? Raw material in one end and a new car being spit out every 10 seconds. These manufacturers make millions of cars and trucks!

So now I hear the same Nissan company here has 3 dealers on our island all within 200 kms of each other and the same “low baller” has the reins for all three. Let me correct that his title is “wholesale manager”.

So if I want another …there is always the mainland. Mind you I have been looking at other brands lately.

So in closing let me state they opened the door with a letter stating pulling out all the stops.


Free Helicopter rides

The growing season is here again like every year and with it comes the wild life looking for their share of now habitual free lunches from our gardens or garbage. And again we will here these people saying stupid things like “we are building in their back yards”. So if a house was built 20 years ago and a bear lives for 10 years really… whose back yard is it anyways??? I thought we were the kings of the jungle.

Ever wonder why we have so many bears cougars and deer? I think the government has put too many rules and regulations into this equation!

These animals aren’t culling themselves because they have learn’t over the years that us humans have the good stuff. We never used to see or hear cougar too often because they were up in the mountains eating the deer. They are driven down here because their food is here eating our food. And now with this “global warming trend” there should be lots to eat up in the mountains.

This system of three strikes doesn’t work for me. They even use it for wildlife. Tagging an animal then two more strikes. And then to boot they get a free helicopter ride up and over back to the mountains. That’s not free . As a tax payer I pay for that! I think a bullet is way cheaper and we have and soon will be over run with this wildlife. The people living in the big cities should stop making these rules as they don’t live in the real world.

Last week on two separate occasions a bear destroyed 2 cars ripping them apart to get in  because the owners left food in them. The cars were right offs. That should be a wake up call to all those bleeding hearts that bears are very dangerous.

“Note” to all insurance scammers…why push that car over a cliff to get insurance money when all you have to do is leave a sandwich on the back seat!!


GPS and car gadgets

So we live in this world of apps and gadgets now so it must be making life easier for the masses. To most children nowadays a car ride probably means watching a movie or cartoon in the car with that great technology we have. So really when you think about it the ones really benefiting from GPS will be the kids that watched the car TV every trip and have no clue as to were or how they got to where they are now. When we were kids we knew how we got there from watching the sites out the windows and how our surroundings were changing with little built in maps in our heads for future use. Another way of looking at it is …soothers for hushing your kid then the next soother is a piece of technology being a cell phone or tab etc…No wonder they all are getting a GPS. Soon no one will know how to get anywhere.

Great invention for a delivery person for the all those people that shop on line.

To me just another distraction waiting for an accident to happen. The governments everywhere are introducing new laws for distracted driving. We have it here now and it’s just not working!! I see many of them still yacking on their phones  still and fiddling with their technology on the dash.

I am afraid sometimes to get in the car because I don’t want to be statistic to someones poor judgment and careless driving from some idiot that might be discussing what to make for supper that night or do you like the color of my new dress or what ever crap they think is more important than paying attention to a 3000lb weapon they are supposed to be in control of.

Here is my solve…I see Chev offers the capability to not let the radio or stereo work unless your seatbelt is fastened. I think your vehicle shouldn’t start if your phone is on. Plain and simple . Those decals we put on our license plates every year could have a scramble chip embedded for example. I’m sure some tecki   out there can figure it out.

So while I’m on this distraction topic…I also think Drive Thru is also being misinterpreted. In the old days we had drive ins which meant they served you in your cars as you sat there eating while stationary. I guess their restaurants had too many broken glass and missing trays etc. So they came out with a concept of they serve you in a bag at the side of their building and you go park and eat in their lot or take it home. People think they have the right to chow down a big mac and fries while on the road. This is probably the first form of distracted driving I can think of. Why do you think the older cars don’t have cup holders? Because driving used to be serious business people and should still be!!!

So new cars now come with GPS plus gadget hookups and cup holders etc. Whats next for your car dinner ware , recycle bins and foot massages???

The new world of expression

I know this new world of expression has probably been said before but here is my version of what I see going on…I don’t think I am very political but what I see going on really scares me. It seems we live in a world of the me me me factor and now with the cell phones and youtube and so on, everyone wants to be recognized heard or seen and if not any of these they want to make a statement at all costs.

I can see it in the way people are voting nowadays. People are getting fed up with the way things are running so they are going off the path for “the better way”. Here in Canada with our latest federal election Trudeau got in because he was young, with fresh idea’s, willing to talk and listen to people and the marijuana thing. Obviously striking a chord with the younger generation.

The next thing we saw was this Brexit fiasco unfold in Britain. With the very next morning the Brits googling “what happens next” typical of that younger generation looking up to Google for answers.

Next you will probably see Trump getting elected down south! Mark my words.

Then you will see a big drug lord getting in in Mexico.

Reminds me of some lyrics to a classic song “we got a genuine indian guru teachin us a better way”

I have to agree things have to change. But not overnight.

Our new crappers and saving our water

So after building our new house I was locked into buying one of those new fangled 6 liter toilets as all the old style 13 liters were not being made any more and I couldn’t find one anywhere….I was wondering for quite a while why every once in a while the news was telling us that the Americans were coming up here to purchase our 13 litres flushers. It all made sense with my first flush! Another big waste of the government stepping in to look good by saving  our water and banning the big flushers. I spend more time and water hoping not to see any floaters left behind! Come on people if you are going to reinvent something make sure it works 100% before we all waste our money. Obviously the one thing that hadn’t been changed or monkeyed with for the past 70-80 years didn’t seem to work for them.

I can’t be the only one here complaining about this. In saving the water I have wasted way more helping to save the water.

Shots and babies

There are a lot of naive people out there that are really missing the point as to why we all get them. First off it’s not a government conspiracy as taxes might be and it is solid known protection. It’s a fighting chance for the weak immune system in babies and children. Come on people there are some nasty diseases and sicknesses out there that have been stopped. I went to school with a couple of people that had Polio and one of my teachers had it as well. Nasty nasty nasty .
And now with the organic movement of the “pure food” They don’t even get to have those “bad” farming practices for some protection.
I think it should be law for injection. What about your babies rights? What about the rights of the unsuspecting babies and children that believe in the shots but haven’t had all of them because of the waiting for the progression of time.
Bunch of selfish godly mothers!! You have probably had your shots as a child because your parents believed in what was best for your well being!! Shame on you! I think if your child develops one of those sicknesses you should be held accountable with jail time depending on the severity!!
Speaking of jail time. In Alberta… 4 months and 3 months house arrest for killing your child from treatable meningitis. What a farce that was. I thought when you killed someone you got 10-20 years. Well on the bright side of things at leased that little boy didn’t have to suffer and die from a nasty disease because his parents also don’t believe in shots too!!!

Free ride bums and homeless

Well the nice weather is here and just like the seasons come and go we will be expecting to see the usual free loaders on the corners with their hands out looking for free money. I swear I have seen the same people with the same sign saying they are traveling and have run out of money, for the last 5 years. Poor planning if you ask me! And what about the hungry signs? They can’t be that hungry or when they leave “their spot” they would also take the food that was given to them also.
Oh their parents must be so proud of them!! Come on people think about it , their parents probably got fed up of their form of begging at home from the couch and threw them out. Or quite possibly they came from a family of homeless beggars and it’s like father like son? Can’t see that either. It’s like we have a bunch of fair weather young bums now. If only they had put their math skills what they had learn’t at school to good use. Standing at a street corner to get $1.50 an hour compared to 10 bucks an hour flipping burgers.
We used to be entertained with music and singing or what ever…now They expect money for nothing, they probably learned to do at home.
Reminds me of the one and only time I put money into hat and that was for the Dick and Dick show in Stanley park. They were good juggling chainsaws knives and anything they were very entertaining.
Life doesn’t revolve around money for nothing. That’s the big problem with young people nowadays. They don’t want to work and be handed everything for free. I like many others have had to work hard for everything I have with no free rides and no hand outs.
I think it’s the parents fault in a lot of ways for either not teaching their children the way life works and giving them too much for free.
I work too hard for my money not to just give it away. I think for the bleeding heart givers you are not helping their development. You probably are contributing to their drug problems and their way of low life. Don’t kid yourself as they probably all have cell phones too. I’m sure they were all taught the way of life at an early age if not from their parents, the TV should have shown them the facts of life from jobs, working,housing ,good bad etc.
And how about the ones with their dogs? I think you they want you to feel sorry for their dogs too! Doesn’t work for me either! Where are those animal activists and SPCA to take their dogs away because now the dogs have rights as well?