Pitbulls and tough guys

First off ….where did those things come from? When I was a kid all I had to worry about were German Shepherds. Couple a bites and some screaming at it and they let go and ran off. Those pit bull things are into it for the long haul “death or serious maiming”. I you are a bad dude protecting your drug stash or a crappy fighter or what ever it might be I could see it. But as a family pet? When your loving pitbull unpredictably attacks your child and defaces him or her you have to live with that guilt for the rest of your life not mention the child being screwed up living with it for the rest of their lives as well.
Time and time again all you here is their dog had never done that before or they say its not the dog its the owners. Come on people we know this breed is an unpredictable time bomb waiting to see red and go off. If it were the owners don’t you think they would have their jaws clamped around the jugular or arm and not willing to let go? It’s those nasty dogs people!!
As a child of 8 years old I was attacked by a dog. First it latched into my chest and wouldn’t let go then after hitting it to the ground it grabbed my leg and also wouldn’t let go til I fought my way out and ran as fast away as I could. This non maiming incident has haunted me ever since.
It seams these dogs have more rights than the victims. What kind of world do we live in? Never mind the 3 strike crap or the muzzle and leash bull!! Really ? the dangerous dog offenders list??? They say its the owners and not the dogs. Do you really think a non respectful owner is going to muzzle and leash their dangerous offender every time for a piss outside?? I think not! It will be business as usual… look at me with my tough dog and I probably got 2 more strikes or they will just get another one.


Organic fire wood

Organic firewood

So last month we went on a voyage up island and I came upon a sign that read organic fire wood for sale 5 bucks each. Really? I hope all those orgullables are stopping to purchase their fare share. I also wonder if they used lead based paint on that wheel barrow?

I was thinking this might not be a bad idea for me to start up my own business doing the same but I don’t know how I might train my resident beavers to buck up our fallen trees into 16 inch long pieces. Any ideas out there would be appreciated??  Of course I would hose it all down first before selling as then it would be true to being GREEN.

What about organic water?? Probably a market for that too! Might have to look into that as well.

The world of GMO and Organic

So I’m going to just touch on this topic for now as this is a new trend that has been bothering for sometime now.

I think you are kidding yourself if you think you are getting “pure stuff” as I think they have tinkered with everything. What comes to mind is tomatoes. I remember as a teenager and a kid having to get the sharpest knife in the drawer to slice it or it would squish all over the place and fall apart. Hmmm do you think they might have changed it?? Why yes they have indeed. After watching a show on harvesting I was reminded of this. You see the commercial farmers had to hand pick them as they were too fragile. So some smart dude at the time decided to GMO the skin to a thick one so the farmers could pick them all with a machine ripping out the plant and all and separating all on board. That’s all fine and dandy with field tomatoes but what about the many other variety’s. Such as hot house for example. They all have been modified to me as I don’t have to search for the sharpest knife anymore.

How about those watermelons you get now? When I was a kid they were full of seeds. Where did the seeds go? I’m kinda thinking all the gmo people don’t eat watermelon anymore or they are hypocrites.

We live in a world of manipulation to everything whether you believe it or not!! Plain and simple. Do we really want strawberries in the winter or mangoes or Mexican blackberries or organic peas from china? I should think not! Maybe if you live in the place where all that stuff comes from. When a lot of us were growing up we ate what was in season and plentiful and prepared for the winter by canning or freezing as many of us still do. If you think about it this is what the freezer was invented for. And not for stacking your frozen pizza’s or Swanson dinners or your pre frozen chimichungas . Getting a little off track here.

So how do you know you are getting the real stuff? And it hasn’t been monkeyed with? I here all those grapes that come from Chili are grown in human waste. I guess that’s organic but also disgusting. Banana’s come to our countries very green and sit in coolers for months on end staying green then when needed  they are gassed with I believe CO2 so they can start yellowing. I’m sure the same applies to organic. Speaking of organic  banana’s you mean to tell me that a crop field that sits idle for 7 years now can be deemed organic. What about the time it takes to grow the plant up til it can be harvested? How about the dirt? With all the chemicals from the past growing activities it cannot be sterile after 7 years. I wont believe. Who came up with that number? What about 70 or 700 years? Oh but of course we now live in an impatient world where every one wants it now and Rome must have been built in a day! I think our short life time is not enough time to sterilize the ground. Those that garden know that when you turn your soil over it’s not long before you have weeds. Where do they come from? From below the ground you dummies. Those seeds sat dormant below the ground for who knows how long then when released into the light and warmth then, voila! All those harsh chemicals will take way longer to breakdown.

Organic my ass! Sure I’ll buy it when it’s cheaper than the other plain machine harvested organic stuff. So in the mean time all those organeaks can keep lining the pockets of those organic farmers if that makes them feel warm and fuzzy at the end of the day. I will always have a better use for my hard earned money. It comes down to trust in my books and I have learn’t there are not many people you can trust out there, as too many out there just want to make a buck at your expense.




No computers in Pennsylvania

Well as many of you already are a aware of the WWW scams by now . One that still is coming in is the phone call about our computers sending corrupt files to their computers. Lately from Pennsylvania ….hmmm for one thing I don’t think the Amish or Quakers have computers and another is the terrible unable to understand English east Indian accent. There must be a lot of suckers still out there because they seem to not give up on it. Enough already!!! Thanks to call display we all can not be home. Reminds me of when we all were kids and the phone was an anonymous toy….is your refrigerator running ? But on the other hand what if I had a long lost relative that died and was leaving me a big stash of cash and they were calling from Pennsylvania or Florida or?? What to do?? Well if its important they will leave a message!!!