Guns and USA

I like many of us have seen way too many tears on the TV lately about these Americans shooting each other. I don’t think their “constitutional right” is working out to well for them. It might have worked 200 + years ago when Joe blow wrote their declaration because it probably was the wild west out there and the people way out numbered the law back then. But this is now and as a society of educated and well mannered people I should think you don’t need a gun to protect you from the barbaric times of the past.

Looks to me like the wild west is coming back to the USA. All the protests and defiance and violence lately it’s no wonder they are killing themselves off. They can’t get along with each other whether blacks and whites and religion. They figure they can take the law into their own hands . Then you mix guns into this equation…

What the heck are they so afraid of that they have to pack guns? Next you will be hearing about the guy shot dead at the grocery store because he has the last loaf of seeded white bread and the fella with the gun wanted it more. Or your cigarette smoke was bothering me so I’m going to take you out. Most that pack guns probably don’t fly either because their constitution doesn’t work up in the air and what if they ran out of peanuts how would you settle the score up there?

How many more innocent school children and movie watchers and restaurant diners etc… have to die before they change their ways???

Here in Canada we let our cops carry guns and they seem to not be trigger happy. And it looks like we let our bad guys carry them as well but they seem to want to take each other out. And if you are a hunter and go through all the hoops you can carry a gun to the backwoods to get Bambi for 2 months out of the year. Looks like it works here and we don’t have anything written down that shows our rights.

So my advise to those gun toting Americans would be to give up your 200 year old wild west right until you can all get along and have respect for each other and the gun! Because if it gets any worse you should be thinking about armed guards in all class rooms movie theaters and fast food restaurants and so on….