Drugs and Death

News flash…Drugs are still illegal and deadly! I don’t think I am the only one that knows this or is saying it. But it seems every day on the news we have to here about all the overdoses or deaths. I really don’t want to hear about it anymore. We all were told and heard about it from a very young age . Didn’t we?? Why do we still have this problem? And it seems to be getting worse.

Is it monkey see monkey do or the one up man syndrome. From what I see on the news it is still all about the money and turf and not about you the unsuspecting druggie. I will never understand why people would want to put some unsuspecting concoction into their system and have a chance of dying. Fascinates me still! All just to see purple polka dot zebra’s dancing on clouds or walking in a marshmallow field of flying kittens or what ever the heck they are doing it for.

I especially feel sorry for the children of these reckless irresponsible parents who should know better and are obviously not caring enough for their responsibilities as a parent.(parents dead from drugs in North Van. earlier this year) Shame on you people! These drug people are lacing your drugs with Fentanyl these days. Looks to me like they are making even more money because it’s cheaper and really aren’t looking out for your safety and well being. I’m sure it will turn around soon enough when all their clients are dead or dying and their money won’t be coming in.

If you want to forget about your worries or become mister tough guy there is always booze for that and a slim chance of dying. As the government has legalized it for your enjoyment. I don’t get that either as booze will get you in the long term as well!!!