Bank of Mom and Dad

I saw a news story on the TV last night that we were all supposed to feel sorry for the next generation of workers . They call themselves the “millennium generation” and some of them are reaching 30 years old and still living with Ma and Pa and still expecting the usual handouts.

First let me point out that what I see and have heard, you have had it pretty easy up until now with having no responsibilities to do anything because your parents were willing to do it and buy it all for you! From your designer clothes to your high tech gadgets and so on. I will never feel sorry for you and your expectations of what you think life and society owes you. Nobody owes you anything. Time to grow up kids! We all had it tough when we grew up! Life and things were expensive when the rest of us left the nest also.

And secondly your parents are to blame also. Your parents should have shown you the ethics of hard work and the ability of standing on your own 2 feet and life is not about hand outs and free rides. Then they should have shown you the door at 19 years old because by then you can vote , drink , make babies , have pride,  and are supposed to be an adult.

In many ways we had it way tougher than you spoiled little brats! We had to do it all without the help of mommy and daddy as they were making ends meet in their own ways. My first car cost me $800 and I was getting $2.25 per hour!!! Rent for a 2 bedroom apt cost me $225 per month when I was getting $3.00 per hour. Don’t tell us the world is too expensive for you in these times!

There is a big world out there kids. You all don’t have to live in the big cities close to your parents. You will find the cost of living away from the big cities will be cheaper for you in the long run.