Responsibility of a parent

So here we still live in the world of Marriage and Divorce . What gives?? I would have thought that seeing what the past was like in the 60’s , 70’s , and 80’s that people might have figured it out. But not so! And the lawyers keep getting richer and the children keep getting screwed up and so on. I would have thought that if you were a kid with split parents that you would definitely not want this for your children as well.

Where is all this divorce stuff coming from? When you make that commitment to each other it means FOREVER! Not I love you til a better one comes along or what ever. When the dude up front reads all that meaningful stuff out of the book are you people not paying attention? The rings , the sealed with a kiss , the license and all those friends and relatives sitting behind you that came from far and wide probably don’t mean anything to you as well.

And then there is the kid factor. So you are happily married and now you want to have children. This is the biggest commitment of all people!! It is your responsibility as parent to raise your children as best as you BOTH can. When you have kids your fate is sealed !! By then you should be getting along lovingly and willing to share the love with your children. And teach them what your beliefs are , right from wrong and so on. This is what I believe in and also what you should strive for.

No wonder we have so many screwed up kids in the world these days with no morals , no coping skills , mentally unstable and way too carefree . I think there are way to many loop holes and divorce should not be one of them. If you want to believe in our old school rituals such as marriage then you should abide by them.

Till death do you part. Doesn’t that mean forever?