Pokemon and the gaming sensation

So here we have it the latest sensation to hit the masses and taking the world by storm!! Do we really need another distraction? Its bad enough that those with their cell phones now just can’t take their eyes off their technology and walking into poles and signs and cars.

I knew it would be just a matter of time until something like this latest craze would happen. I would call it reality video gaming. Why not … all we have is reality TV to watch and soon virtual reality head gear , google GPS glasses etc. And I think from here on it will get worse from my point of view. My guess is next you will have to buy a GPS hat with camera on board that sees 360 degrees to open the rest of the smart phone viewing so they¬† can see the world on their phones and never look up. This will open the door for all those games still in the closet from days gone by. Can you imagine the fun of running through the streets gathering coins then being chased by the goblins of Pac-Man ? Or going down the man holes of our sewer systems to gather diamonds and coins just like Mario and his side kick? I’d bring up Frogger but all those people that don’t use a cross walk already are play it!¬† Oh what fun…. NOT!!! What the heck is wrong with living in the real world??? And looking at life through your real eyes.

The museums and art gallery’s say they have never been so busy lately with all these people playing Pokemon. My guess would be that they haven’t taken in any of the sites to see. How can you see it all looking through their phones when you are on the hunt for a Pokemon?

And then there is the bad side of things to look at. Poke players have been robbed mugged and lured for sexual assault in its first week. How do we know that all this gun violence and cop shooting isn’t just an extension of the gaming mentality of a generation that has played video games on the couch all their lives and have no care for any of us. Already a crazed 18 year old lured a dozen teens into a MacDonalds through social media for a free lunch then started picking them off. Next we might hear about a suicide bomber taking out a crowd of Pokemon players or a crazed gunman taking out the Pokemon gathering.