Water… our most precious resource

Ahh water the one thing we can’t live without and what most people take full advantage of by wasting most of their use or trying to make a buck with it.

I like many people out there was a heavy user like the rest showering every day , washing my car every other day and twice on Sundays , hosing my driveway down , washing my house etc etc. With not even a care as we live in the land of water with many rivers and lakes all over and  I paid for it on my utility bill every year like every one else living in the burbs. I never really had to think about it as I could just go to the tap and turn it on and be guaranteed fresh clean clear water to do what ever I wanted with it.

Things have changed now as I live just outside of city water limits and now its up to me to supply it. Eye opener to say the least. So after building my house next task was to dig a shallow well which I did and it worked very well for many years until about 2-3 years ago when we would on occasion run out. Last year we had to get a water truck in twice for 1000 gallons each time that would last 3 weeks each time. So after thinking all winter about our water situation we decide to bite the bullet and get the fancy water driller in as all the neighbors around here are about 100-200 feet down . So at $30 a foot you might think there is a guarantee of water and a good flow. But no not so. He went down 360 feet with a flow of 4 gals per minute. And it was the stinkiest blackest and saltiest water I ever did see. He said all this can be cleaned up to be perfect water but it depends on how much you want to spend on it. I figured about another $40-50 thousand . A desalination plant on top of all the other crap things? Thanks but no thanks!!! So unfortunately we paid him for his services and he went away.

I don’t like the feeling of being at the mercy of somebody else. Especially when they know that they have you where you can’t do any thing about it yourself. Reminds me of going to a few events in the middle of no where and it being very hot and someone selling the .25 cent Costco water bottles chilled for $5 each. I have always believed that if you want something done and done right you have to do it yourself because then you only have your self to blame if things don’t go right.

I am still trying to figure out all this water whoas as in the winter we have more water here than we know what to do with. The river rises and the property floods below us.

So we are no further ahead still. I do have an ace up my sleeve thou. I had one of those witch doctors come over and the ground spoke to him about 6 feet down and close to the house.