Off the grid ??

So what exactly does all that mean? My way of thinking would be that you have decided to get away from society and go about your life your own way. Chewing your trees down to build your houses fetching rain water in hollowed stumps and eating nuts and berries off the land all while being naked. Because lets face it it takes power and fuel to make everything.

I think too many people like the saying and are trying to adapt it to their lifestyles. Does this also mean that you make all the fancy potions and concoctions for different ailments too? There was a series of books once upon a time called foxfire.

I think the term “off the grid” should be called “hillbilly homesteading”. Because this is what people are confusing it with.

So lets see….in your life time you will spend probably 50-60 thousand for hydro and if you have kids count on more money. Then you go to the solar and wind power company who is only too happy to take your bucks then spend that much if not more for all your equipment including the batteries. Then every 10 years you need to replenish your useless worn out  batteries. Are you really saving? Or does it just sound good?

I think we have a lot of smart people out there that if they applied themselves to green power or off the grid they could do it. But unfortunately all those brains are being used for the plasma TV’s the cell phones and communications line of things. And all the tech giants in the world are just getting richer and richer.

As a society I really don’t think we will ever be “off the grid”